Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Shocklops and a mini.

Spent part of the morning stippling the hell out of this creature, which I'm calling Spinky the Shocklops. I originally intended to do a few swirls and highlights via pointillism, ended up with about a dozen layers of a dozen colors over the entire carved portion. Some progress photos of the process can be seen on my flickr account. This will go onto my ETSY account once it's been sealed and finished and prepped for hanging.

I've been trying to figure out ways to provide low price mini carvings as a way to get 'em out there to people who can't necessarily justify spending $50 - $100+ on one. So last night I went through some of the thumb sized scraps i have from a piece i'm currently working on, and quick knocked out a little mini ghost skull(halloween is approaching). It'll probably get a hole through the top, a piece of hemp twine, and run in the $5 range. I'll be doing more here and there, and different themes. Some will end up on ETSY, others will go with me to festivals and fairs.


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