Thursday, October 8, 2009

An Interview.

I received a message today on Etsy asking for an little interview and offering the opportunity to be featured on the new Etsy Loud and Wacky Street Team blog. I was surprised and honored that they chose to premiere their blog with a feature on me. I have had no previous contact with the blog team, and it appears they found me serendipitously among the tens of thousands of sellers on Etsy and liked my stuff. Thanks LAWST and Susan, who contacted me about doing the interview.

Susan makes some pretty cool jewelry made from, among other items, guitar picks. check her shop out.

I've got a couple of items with fresh coats of lacquer drying in the garage right now, and a freshly painted Santa sitting right next to me. I'll get photo updates together tomorrow. Expect some functional carvings to be showing up here and on my Etsy soon.

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