Monday, October 5, 2009

photos from the weekend

Vendors setting up. I was on the upper lever, in the SE corner. Lot's of traffic, but next year I think I want to be on the main floor.


One of my table-mates, Aggie from Chevak Village.


My initial table setups. As bare bones and basic as it gets when I put it together during pre-setup. On opening day I managed to bring a small shelf with me to spread them out and add some depth. I sold nothing on the first day.



Erin scrambled that night and the next morning to get me some signs and business cards printed. By the third day i had signs everywhere. Throughout the show I experimented with arrangement of the carvings to see how people reacted. This was the final setup before take down, but doesn't represent any mathematical arrangement of the pieces. In general, I found that aside from visibility issues with certain shapes, it didn't matter what order they were in.

(yes, those are sale signs i have blacked out. no, i'm not telling you what they said...)

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