Monday, October 5, 2009

Make It Alaskan aftermath...

On Wednesday, a friend of mine mentioned an add he saw on craigslist looking for someone to share a tablespace at the Make It Alaskan festival at the Egan Center in Anchorage. I had never set up at a festival before, but figured why not? I corresponded with the person in questions, and we ended up as three seperate people in a single "booth space", which was essentially a table agains a wall. I had very little prep time, and it showed in my display. I made lots of mistakes, as one should their first time out, and a few sales. Nearly everyone who stopped by complimented the work, so while it wasn't necessarilly a succesful show as far as my wallet is concerned, it was in regards to my ego/confidence in the quality of my work. I'll certainly be setting up at other shows, better prepared, with a larger variety of work and a bit more experience. For future shows i'll likely be having prints of some of my photography and drawings for sale, as well as some smaller, simpler carvings to satisfy those who can't justify spending more than $50 on a carving. The show was definitely worthwhile for, if nothing else, a market research experiment.

I've also begun the move of my carvings for sale to with appropriately adjusted pricing. I recommend checking out etsy if not just for my carvings, but for all of the other hand made items available from other artists and craftspeople there.

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