Monday, October 19, 2009

Re-Supply day

Spent the majority of the day today down on the gravel bars of the Matanuska river looking for burls and interesting driftwood to carve. Most of my driftwood over the years has come from the sea. The Bering Sea and the Sea of Cortez/Gulfo de California, specifically. Turns out powerful glacial rivers have a very similar effect on wood to oceans. Main difference is that salt has been exchanged for silt.

Most of what I found was rotted out too much to make it worth carving. There weren't any big, solid burls like I was hoping either. But there were alot of great root burl shapes and assorted other interesting pieces of wood that should give me some interesting 'canvases' to work on.

The views weren't bad...

Beaver carving:

My tool for the day with the first piece of root burl I cut.

The first load.

The final cut.

Not a bad 'day at the office', eh?

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