Monday, October 12, 2009

Long weekend with no updates...

Sorry 'bout that folks. Didn't go anywhere terribly exciting, but I did get quite a bit done, as you've surely noticed if you follow my Etsy shop.

I had been racking my brain lately trying to come up with something I could offer for a much lower price than what I had on offer up until this weekend. It would have to be something I could carve relatively quickly. Filing and sanding would be out of the question. It would have to be smaller than my less inexpensive carvings. It would have to be something i could do over and over again, yet still be unique and different every time. Up until Friday, the lowest full price carving I was offering was $45. I was getting lot's of compliments on them, but $50 - $100 + is understandably a big leap of faith on the customers part.

With Halloween/Dia De Los Muertos/Samhain approaching, I've had monsters and skeletons and zombies on my mind as of late. So, naturally, my solution to my pricing dilemma currently comes in the form of..... Monsters, Skulls and Zombies. Little ones to be more specific.

Here's a quick preview of the little creepies that have been sneaking and creeping around my shop the past few days. they can be seen in much more detail here:

Photos will link to my flickr account, via the rules. Click on the description below to go to the items Etsy page.

Pretty Pink, a cute little, freckle faced, one horned, smiling monster for only $25

A Dia De Los Muertes skull for only $25


A horde of tiny skulls, a ghost and a zombie, priced $12 - $15.




Nobody seems to love Spinky the Shocklops as much as I do....

And just to make my Mom happy, I finished and uploaded another Santa.

I appreciate any and all feedback on these and any of my carvings. Good is great, but I would especially like to hear some honest constructive and even negative criticism beyond my wonderful Mother telling me I should stop this nonsense and only carve Santas... If you don't tell me what you want to see, it'll take me a lot longer to figure it out through trial and error.

Oh but that's not all! I know, you were really hoping this was over, but bear with me...

My painted carving Huck got a little recognition this weekend when he was selected as a Moderators Choice on the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Art website Elfwood. It's nice to get some recognition on that piece considering how much time went into the carving and especially the painting of him.

ok, you're free to go!

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