Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ghastly family photo and something different.

I finished and uploaded to Etsy the last of the mini zombie/skulls I'll be doing for a little while. They're really fun to make, and I certainly intend to make more. Might also branch out into other subjects as well. Here's their 'family photo' on the kitchen counter.


They've been hanging out with all the Halloween decorations on the breakfast bar for the past few days. It's kinda nice being able to offer something in the <$15 price range. They range in size from smaller than to about as big as, my thumb.

Also, last night, among other things, I started cutting into a chunk of bark with the intention of carving a little outhouse... Cottonwood bark is a really finicky material to work with. You only have a certain amount of say in what you're going to carve out of it and the shape, and arrangement, there of. This very unfinished piece is a prime example of how you can have every intention making one thing and end up with something very completely different.

The face needs a drastic make-over. Eyes are too close together and the face overall is too long for it's width. I'm tentatively calling it 'The Secret of Creation', depicting the Raven, revered by western Eskimo cultures as creator and trickster, sharing the secret of creation with Woman. It's a small carving, about the size of my hand.

As i said, nowhere near finished...
secret of creation1

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