Friday, October 16, 2009

Bog Wolf

A brand new carving.

description from Etsy:

A monster, a mythical beast, part wolf, part crocodile. From the swamps and bogs of Alaska rises this regal creature, ready to protect you and your home from evil spirits, nosy neighbors, pushy salesmen and whatever else you would rather be rid of. Hand carved out of Alaskan cottonwood bark by me with three coats of acrylic lacquer to keep his hide tough.

Hanging dimensions:

H: @ 4 " High
W: @ 8 " Wide
T: @ 2 " Thick

Mount him by the door, inside or out, to help ward off unwanted company and keep you safe. He would also be equally at home in a living room, den, bedroom, kitchen or office.


  1. Hi Sean,
    I like the bog wolf sculpture and your creative use of recycling from nature. I enjoy painting and sculpting and come and visit my site.