Tuesday, September 29, 2009

a reminder.

There wont be many updates on this blog this week, as I'm carving some custom pieces that wont be documented publicly.

I've recieved quite a bit of interest in the currently available carvings as Christmas gifts, and just wanted to make sure people understand that these are all one of a kind, hand carved pieces. If you see one that you like below, and someone else buys it before you do, then 'POOF' it's gone, and there wont be another one just like it, ever. There may be others in a similar style or genre, but never the same. If you can't afford one right now, or don't want it sitting around the house for three months before Christmas arrives, email me about layaway or holding the carving with a deposit.

a carving in progress from yesterday. this one will be getting painted.


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