Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Knocking Raven

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Alaskan cottonwood bark. Hanging. Entirely hand carved, hand sanded and painted with acrylic. Finished with a coat of polycrylic.

while carving this piece, i was sitting out on the patio, wondering what i was going to do with that not so little nub sticking off of the piece. i decided to put something clever in there, but what? within a minute, a raven landed in a nearby spruce(not unusual, they're all over the place here) and shouted, "kno-o-o-o-ock, kno-o-ock". it fit. it's a sound they make, it has a little Poe to it, they're known for being mischievous and it works as a door-side piece. so it was carved in, then painted.

H = @ 4" high
W = @ 9 1/2" wide
T = @ 1 1/2" thick

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