Monday, November 2, 2009

Manly Soap Review

I've posted up the first installment of my Etsy Manly Soap Review on my other blog:

Why is it on the other blog???

Because the other blog get's more smelly readers, and this info is probably more applicable to them than it is to my Mom, who is likely responsible for half of the views this blog has gotten so far.... :D It keeps this blog about the carving, and frankly, it doesn't matter what I smell like when I'm carving. The other blog is all about everything else in my life.

What is the "Manly Soap Review"???

I ordered a bunch of different soaps from different vendors on Etsy, after researching the available options to the best of my ability. I specifically looked, and asked, for Manly scents and strengths, because I tend to have strong, manly smells to do battle with. I'll be posting only reviews of the specific soaps I like, and only positive reviews. I'm not here to slam anyone on something they put their heart into. So if I find one I don't like, you'll hear nothing of it.

What is "manly Soap"???

In my own personal, highly subjective definition: A strong soap that get's the stink and dirt off and replaces it with a manly scent. Duh. I went with mostly 'woodsy' type scents, plus a few others. I really have very little experience with colognes or designer 'odors', so I'm fairly new to this whole game. A dirty slate waiting to be cleaned.

Again, the First installment is here:, and I'll post a notification of future installments here on this blog.

Thanks, -Sean

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